Stream of Consciousness

1. Finals are over! Which means that I’m halfway through senior year. Which means only 8 months until I leave for college. Scary.

2. Cats live wonderful lives. Exhibit A:


This is Curtis. He has been curled up on my bed for the past 24 hours. He’s gotten up to eat and get his head rubbed. Also, he strongly resembles an old man in that picture.

3. Letting my thoughts flow is something that I’ve never been good at. Confession: I’ve already typed and retyped this post at least five times.

4. Tea is my new obsession. Yesterday I bought some apple-cinnamon tea, which is fantastic and tastes even better in a Christmas mug. 


5. I had a workout planned for today, but I’m so sore I can barely get up the stairs. And I better not drop anything, because bending over makes me cry.


7. I have two new books to read! Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl. Yes, hugely different genres. One was found in the Juvenile section of the library, and the other is a non-fiction book about Frankl’s experience in a Nazi concentration camp and the psychological implications of that experience. Either way, I’m a huge nerd.

8. I can’t think of anything else to write.

9. Anything in particular you want to read about?

10. If so, comment below or send me an email!

Ta ta for now!


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