Stream of Consciousness

Hello and happy Sunday! I hope you all are enjoying your weekend. Here’s another “streams of consciousness” post for you:

1. Notice anything different? If you’re on a computer, you can see that I completely changed my blog! It took me an embarrassing amount of time to figure out, and I’m still not sure that I like it. So if you come back in a week and it looks completely different, don’t be surprised.

2. Christmas break comes to a close tomorrow. It’s back to school for me. Yep. Yay.

3. This week I bought plane tickets to visit my best friend!!! I’ll be leaving in a couple weeks to spend a wonderful weekend in Florida with Stephanie! It was supposed to be a surprise, but I couldn’t keep my mouth shut and I accidentally told her. Oops.


4. New Year’s resolutions are in full swing right now. We start selling way fewer muffins at the coffee shop and go through skim milk like there’s no tomorrow. Fitness inspiration is all over the internet, and every. square. inch. of the gym is crowded with people who waited until January 1st to get healthy. Yes, it’s aggravating. But the New Year is a great time to start fresh and set goals. Just make sure that your goals are realistic, and something that you’ll be able to stick to throughout the whole year, not just the first few weeks of January. What are your resolutions for 2014?

5. Speaking of fitness, here’s a great resource for your 2014 goals! Blogilates is a really great way to get in shape, especially if you’re new to the world of working out. Go check out Cassey Ho at and sign up to get her free January workout calendar and weekly emails!


6. I read this article a few days ago and thought is was really good. It’s also relevant to a lot of people’s New Year’s goals.


7. Waiting. I’m really bad at waiting. I’m a big planner, and not knowing where I’ll be or what I’m doing tomorrow is hard for me, much less not knowing anything about a year from now. I wish I knew where I was going to school and where I’ll be living next fall, but I must learn to wait.

Covenant College!!!

8. Well, that’s enough random thought for one day. I am going to go enjoy my school/work-free Sunday!

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