Currently I’m…

I’m a very intense person. I tend to go full speed ahead with everything that I do, and that includes blogging. If I don’t have the time or energy to publish a well thought out, provoking, somewhat-inspiring post, then I won’t write anything at all. My last two posts were especially….intense….so in an effort to loosen up and just have some fun, I’m going to start doing some more relaxed blogging. So here’s a snippet of my current life!

Currently I’m…

Enjoying: the sun! I’ve been able to go to the pool a few times this week and just soak in the sun. It’s so relaxing and makes me feel like it’s actually summer, despite my busy schedule.

Eating: peanut butter, in copious amounts. Peanut butter is probably my favorite food, and since I’m trying to gain some healthy weight right now, I’ve been putting it on everything. It’s amazing.

Drinking: coffee, and lots of it. Since I work in a coffee shop I have pretty much unlimited access to caffeine.


Listening to: Bethel’s new album, You Make Me Brave. There are SO many good songs on there, and I’ve had it on repeat for the past couple of weeks. My favorites are “We Dance” and “You Make Me Brave.”

Reading: the Harry Potter series, and I’m loving it. I know I’m a few years behind everyone else, but that’s okay, because I’m now a thoroughly converted Harry Potter fan. I just finished The Order of the Phoenix, which is the fifth book, and watched the movie with some friends. Hopefully I can find some time today to start book 6!

Working on: handstands! I’ve always wanted to be able to hold a solid handstand, so I’ve been tuning into my inner yogi and practicing handstands every day! It’s a lot harder than it looks…

Looking forward to: tomorrow! Tomorrow morning I’m leaving for a week-long orientation with the college program that I’m going to be in this fall. Berry College is probably the most beautiful place on earth, and WInshape is an incredible program. I’m so excited to make new friends, have a few adventures, meet my roommate, and spend some time in the place I’m going to be calling home! It’s going to be a great week!


Thinking about: my to-do list. I have quite a bit to get done before I leave tomorrow morning. I have a few last-minute items to pick up and I need to pack. I’ll only be gone for a week, but as a chronic over-packer, packing is a difficult and lengthy process.

Thankful for: a God who is patient enough to teach me, even when I’m so slow to learn. My family, who are also incredibly patient with me. My friends, who are a source of support and encouragement. Oh, and coffee. I’m also very thankful for coffee.

So that’s it for now! What are you currently up to?

One thought on “Currently I’m…

  1. Fun fact: I know Amanda Cook from Bethel. She used to be a Canadian Christian artist and I was her fan and we met lots of times so now we’re friends on facebook and sometimes interact. 🙂

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