Am I Worth It?

A beautiful post from one of the most amazing people I know. Thank you, Morgan, for sharing this.

His Feet Upon the Mountains

You don’t think you’re worth it child? Don’t you know I bought you out of slavery because I saw you as worthy? Child I spilled my blood and died, to buy you back. I gave all I had for you, down to my last breath. Receive what I give you with thanksgiving, and the knowledge that it’s because I love you; genuinely and passionately. Forget me not darling. I’m always here to buy you back, if there is ever a need. I have covered that payment a million times over.

Instead of focusing on the grace you are spending, focus on growing closer to me. It is going to require you to stretch, and at times this can be uncomfortable, but the closer to Me you grow, the more like me you become. The more like Me you become, the easier your troubles get, as the distance between us shrinks.

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2 thoughts on “Am I Worth It?

  1. Dear Sarah,
    today I was having a bad day, but then I remembered your blog. I’m so thankful for you sharing your thoughts with us. Your words inspire me do give my best and start living life to its fullest. Thank you 🙂

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