Hello! My name is Sarah Elaine, and I’m glad you stumbled upon No One Like You.

About me? I’m a college student, hoping to earn a PhD in psychology. I’m a barista, an introvert,  a kid at heart, and a lover of life. I’m a princess who likes pink, polk-a-dots, ballet, and all things girly. I love eating healthy and working out. photoI also love eating ice cream and taking naps. I love living a balanced life full of adventures, hard work, tears, triumphs, and lots of smiles.

About my story? What began with me believing the lie that outward appearance determines a person’s worth, resulted in a severe eating disorder that controlled my life for three years. Anorexia effected every part of me: mentally, I sank into depression. I was too afraid to face the world and spent most of my time alone. Physically, my body began to shut down. I was always cold, my hair was falling out, and I hardly had the energy to walk up a flight of stairs. Spiritually, I was dead. I rejected God, believing that if He loved me He wouldn’t allow me to suffer as I was.

I entered treatment in autumn of 2012, and for nine months tried to recover with the help of a nutritionist and a therapist. But it wasn’t until I met Jesus that I experienced true freedom from my eating disorder.  He’s given me a story, and from that story a passion, and from that passion springs No One Like You. 


About No One Like You? After I was set free from my eating disorder, I knew that I couldn’t sit by and idly watch others who are suffering. I started blogging as a first step towards breaking down the walls of stigma and silence that surround eating disorders.

No One Like You believes that with a holistic treatment approach, complete freedom from any eating disorder is possible.

The vision of No One Like You is to see chains being broken and lives being healed through physical, mental, and spiritual healing and growth. I pray that God will take this vision far beyond what I could imagine, and I hope that you will join me.




3 thoughts on “About

  1. Sarah –

    I am so proud of you and love the reflections of Jesus I see in your life. As I read your posts today, the reflection was that of courage and strength. It takes amazing courage to acknowledge, own and then share your story. In so doing, confirmation, freedom and ministry happens…..and you have such a great story to tell.

    Thank you for sharing this. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you.

    Keep on!


  2. Good for you! Thanks for sharing your story. My daughter is just emerging from this nightmare and it is so good to see her again. It’s awesome that you are showing people the way to break free. 🙂

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